Investment management

Risk-controlled asset management

We meticulously plan and manage all stages of the development process, from identifying suitable land for projects, obtaining planning and environment approvals, licences, and consents, and sourcing high-quality contractors. Our careful and direct management of projects from commencement to completion helps minimise risk and provides investors with peace of mind.

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Melbourne Regional & Development Group | Property Development
Melbourne Regional & Development Group | Property Development
Our investment strategy

In selecting our projects, we consider the appetite for healthcare facilities and social infrastructure in regions throughout Melbourne, Victoria and nationally. By targeting high-growth areas, population hubs and existing healthcare epicentres, we ensure that there will be a strong demand for specialist medical infrastructure in the areas in which we develop our projects.

Melbourne Regional & Development Group | Property Development
Why invest in healthcare and social infrastructure?

Collectively, healthcare and social infrastructure is a secure asset class which has demonstrated consistently high returns in recent years. As healthcare is an essential service, the demand for medical facilities and social infrastructure such as specialist disability accommodation (SDA) has remained strong regardless of economic shocks, which has enabled these assets to routinely outperform other property assets over time. Strong population growth and our ageing population mean that this trend is likely to continue into the future, as there will be a greater need for medical infrastructure to meet the increasing demands of society.  Finally, substantial government funding in the healthcare sector helps to catalyse the growth of healthcare and social infrastructure assets, offsetting the risk of investment.

Melbourne Regional & Development Group | Property Development
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