Our  approach

Careful research allows us to make good on our promise to deliver results for our stakeholders

Our aim is to develop blue-chip assets which are insulated from risk. We achieve this through careful project selection which takes into account growth potential, planning and zoning capabilities, functional attributes of land, and proximity to other medical infrastructure and population hubs. We are confident that our process of project selection will continue to translate into consistently high returns for stakeholders in the future.

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Melbourne Regional & Development Group | Property Development
Melbourne Regional & Development Group | Property Development

Our aim is to deliver superior returns to our shareholders and develop thriving communities across Victoria. We achieve this through the consistent application of our business model.

Our  model

Disciplined stock selection

​We target high yielding assets with low risk characteristics. We take a disciplined approach, and our significant market experience means we are able to price risk appropriately and so buy assets at the right prices.

Active asset management

We enhance and protect income returns through our asset management initiatives. We take an active approach, utilising our in-house expertise, a deep understanding of our market and strong relationships with our occupiers.

Risk-controlled development

We create income and capital growth from within our portfolio through our risk-controlled development pipeline. We are able to create value using our in-house expertise to obtain planning consents, which we then choose to either develop ourselves or crystallise profit through disposal.

Profitable capital recycling

We regularly assess potential upside opportunities in disposing of assets and recycling capital into new opportunities where appropriate. We have a track record of doing this profitably.

Benefits of scale

We focus on driving efficiencies in our financing and operating costs to maximise cash returns to shareholders, while maintaining a conservative balance sheet.

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Melbourne Regional & Development Group | Property Development

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