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Quality projects delivered without the risk

We emphasise results so that stakeholders can trust our commitment to developing quality projects that generate impressive returns.

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MRDG Property Development Melbourne
What we stand for

We understand that the key to building a reputation as a premier property development group is to ensure high standards whilst managing risk throughout each project. This is why strong governance, financial control and due diligence processes are at the forefront of all of our projects.

We are uncompromising in our pursuit of these goals, enabling us to build trust amongst our stakeholders as we consistently meet our targets through developing and managing high-class healthcare and social infrastructure throughout Melbourne and Victoria.

Who we support
Melbourne Regional & Development Group | Property Development
Melbourne Regional & Development Group | Property Development
Our values

We are driven by values, and motivated by success



At the heart of our approach is ensuring that our stakeholders are satisfied with the projects we are working on and the returns we are achieving.


Risk Management

We closely assess the risks associated with a project to ensure that these risks are manageable and meet our strict requirements.



We ensure that we implement solid processes in choosing and developing projects so that we can guarantee consistency in our results to the greatest extent possible.


Trust & Transparency

We aim to instil trust in our stakeholders by establishing strong processes and governance and ultimately delivering on our commitments. We strive to be completely honest with our stakeholders regarding both our successes and the inevitable setbacks that occur. We understand that transparency is vital to upholding all of our other values.



If something works, why change it? We aim to maintain long relationships with joint venture partners, subcontractors, suppliers and all other parties we work with that share our core values and can help us achieve our targets.

Melbourne Regional & Development Group | Property Development
Our approach

An uncompromising will to deliver results

Our vision is to be regarded as an industry leader in delivering specialist healthcare and social infrastructure projects, which provide strong returns for our stakeholders in a risk-controlled manner.

Our approach